In August last year I made the decision to sell everything I owned in order to travel the world. Separating myself from everything I had worked for over the past 10 years was difficult, but in the end SO worth it. Here are the reasons why I have chosen to travel the world over settling down.

For freedom

I have an addiction to that feeling you get when you are in a different country and no one knows who you are. I come from a small town where everyone knew everyone’s business. Travelling is my definition of having the freedom to be who you really are.

My biological clock will start ticking soon

I know what you’re thinking- you’re still young!– but I want to give travelling a good crack which may mean I’ll be gone for many years. I’ve got little over two years of my twenties left, and I want to make those years count.

There is no one to stop me

I was always the girl who ended up in relationships, and I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m single and have no one or nothing holding me back.

Creative fuel

I feel travelling with fuel my creativity and ability to write.

The social aspect

I want to meet like-minded people, form lifelong friendships, and drink as many international wines as I can with these people.

I listened

My gut told me to do it. Listening to your intuition is important, as I’ve recently discovered. It never lets you down.

Knowledge is the key to enlightenment

I want to learn as much as I can about different cultures around the world and feed my never-ending appetite for knowledge.

For the love of food

I want to eat a lot of it and I am certain there are a gazillion flavours of pizza I am yet to taste.

To live outside my comfort zone

I want to experience being out in the wild with only a tent, a pen and notebook, and my books. If life throws something at me, I want to use my wit to deal with it. I kind of got tired on relying on other people, and now I only want to have to rely on myself to tackle any obstacles that come at me.

For confidence

To prove to myself and other women out there that this can be done. As a woman, I’ve felt the pressure to settle down, have kids, establish a successful career while maintaining the house to a high standard. Not everyone has to follow the path society puts in place for us. Do what makes you happy while you can.

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