My website has officially been alive for a couple of months now, and after doing oodles of research on how to increase website traffic there was one common thread: Pinterest.

I joined Pinterest a little less than one month ago. My main goal was to send traffic to my website. I didn’t focus so much on gaining followers (I figured they would eventually come).

From the moment I joined, I had no idea what I was doing. I was determined to give it a good shot, so I read hundreds of articles on how to build a successful Pinterest account. I experimented with Pinterest quite a bit and it is now my number one source of internet traffic! In the last week (when my account really started to take off) Pinterest was responsible for almost 60% of my web traffic!

Read on for my best Pinterest for business tips!

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Best news? I didn’t spend one cent.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots. Please note the averages over the course of one month are a bit lower because for the first week I had virtually zero traffic.

Pinterest statistics after one month

The above relates to my Pinterest profile itself- the average amount of daily impressions and average daily viewers.


Number of people reached Pinterest statistics after one month

In less than a month, my pins have reached over 60,000 people!

In my first month of using Pinterest I have reached over 60,000 people according to this graph

Finally, these are the statistics for my website. Notice how in the last week my website traffic is significantly going up? Well guess what- I didn’t create any new pins or upload any new content to my website that week! The pins I had posted several days ago were still working their magic and sending traffic to my website! A pin has an average shelf life of 7 months- this is amazing, and this is the reason why everyone should use Pinterest to grow their blog.

Here are the 7 things I did to get these results. If I can do it, you can too!

1) Confirm Your Website & Get Rich Pins

To enable Rich Pins, you will need to have a business account on Pinterest. Rich Pins add a bold title and a description to anything you pin from your website. It means people are more likely to click on your pins because they stand out more. Rich Pins also make your account look super professional!

This video explains how to enable rich pins.

Here is the link to validate Rich Pins, as mentioned in the video.

2) Make Quality Pins Using Photoshop

So I already had Photoshop on my computer, however you can use free photo editor PicMonkey if you don’t have Photoshop. You want your pins to be long – 754 pixels wide x 1104 pixels tall. Use good quality images (images taken on a recent version of Samsung or iPhone are fine) and stick to using the same 2-3 fonts so your pins are easily recognisable as your brand.

View my pins to see an example.

3) Fill Out The Descriptions & Link Back To Your Website

Everything I pinned had a link back to my website or the page the pin was referring to. I even pinned a few inspirational quotes and if someone clicked on those, they would land on my website. Here is an example. Simply click edit on your pin and check the following has been filled out.

Always add a description to your pin, as shown in this image

4) Create 2 Pins For Every Blog Post

You may have written an amazing blog post, but if your pin doesn’t capture anyone’s attention, no one will read your post! Creating two pins per blog post is a great option because it means you can play around with different headlines, styles and fonts. See my example below:

Always create at least two pins for the same blog post, as shown in this image

Both pins link to the same article ‘How To Hike The (Illegal) Stairway To Heaven’. The first pin has had 419 repins. The second has had only 78! Doing this also teaches you what pins work for your audience.

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5) Join Group Boards On Pinterest

When I first joined Pinterest I had 0 followers. No one was going to see my pins unless they searched a key word that resonated with my pins! To allow people to see my pins, I joined a few group boards. Group boads, as the name suggests, allows multiple people to post to one board. They tend to have a large following because they are very active. If you share a pin, hundreds or potentially thousands of people subscribed to that board can see it, share it, and visit your website!

To find group boards to join in your niche, use Pin Groupie. My recommendation is to join around 20 group boards, including a mixture of groups with a large following and a medium following. On large group boards, your pin may get swallowed in the heap, or it could be shared by hundreds. Medium sized groups mean your pin is more likely to be seen, but not shared as often. Experiment with both.

Want to join my group board? It is suitable for all bloggers- not just travel bloggers! Simply follow me on Pinterest and then send me a message or an email and I’ll add you to the group.

6) Join ‘Re-pin’ Groups On Facebook

This is the number one thing that drove people to my Pinterest profile, and then my website. How do these groups work? Basically you post a link to you pin you want to promote. You then re-pin every other pin that has been posted in the thread, and everyone re-pins your pin you posted. If 50 people post a link, your pin should get 50 shares.

Find Facebook Re-pin Groups in your niche- you want bloggers in your niche to re-pin your pins so the people following them also follow you. I joined the ‘Travel Bloggers Guide To Pinterest’ and the ‘Ultimate Pinterest Group For Travel Bloggers’. Just do a Facebook search for ‘re-pin group’ or ‘Pinterest group’ to find groups in your niche.

I hope my Pinterest for business tips helped you! Make sure you read my article on how to create a travel blog for many more tips on how to make your blog a success.

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