Couple traveling the world together

Guest post by Ashley Lipman

It doesn’t matter if you are a newlywed or if you have been married for a few years, travelling together can test you as a couple. No matter how much we love someone, there are things that they do that get on our nerves. In day-to-day life, we learn to look past those things. We go to another room or turn on the television to distract us and soon enough it’s over.

But when you are travelling, there is no escape. You are strapped into a seat next to this person who oblivious to the thing that is making your skin crawl. When you add in traffic, luggage issues, and crowds of people, it can get you off to a bad start.

Make a plan

We all know that travel is exciting, frightening, thrilling, and exhausting. But we do nothing with that information. The fact is, if you address the issues that you know are bound to happen, you have control over the outcome.

Getting your luggage to your destination

This is often a problem when we travel within our own country. Trying to get our luggage abroad is terrifying. Don’t freak out. Take essentials with you on your carry-on to last a couple of days. Do your research and choose an expert on shipping luggage internationally.

There is more than one way to fly

If the thought of travelling on a crowded commercial jet makes you queasy, there is a better way.

More couples are travelling by chartered private jets. If you have other people travelling with you, consider a mid-size plane and divide the costs. It is private, clean, safe, and you receive first-class treatment. You can read more on this blog post.

Couple traveling the world together

With the stress removed – get to the good stuff

It is possible to use this trip to deepen and strengthen your relationship. On your flight, relax and unwind. Enjoy casual conversation and concentrate on just letting go of everything that weighs on your mind. Allow yourself to be free from all of your issues for the trip. Encourage your partner to join you. By the time you have arrived, have been pampered and you are rested and you can give your partner your full attention.

Actively pursue your partner   

Do you remember when you were first together? You actively pursued each other. You continually looked for ways to please each other, You listened attentively. You tried to hear what their hearts were saying. You tried to know this person from the inside out. You can do that again. People change over time. Ask about their dreams. Find out if they have new interests. Take this time to learn about your new partner. As much as you think you know, there is more.

Look for love in other things

You are in a new place. The buildings look different. The food is different. You are both looking into a new world. Taking the time to find love in your surroundings, ignites the love inside you. Stroll along the shore and pick out your favorite spot. Watch your partner and see what catches his eye. What seems to draw his attention? Explore that with him. By falling in love with your surroundings you are reaching a level of love you have probably never reached before.


During this trip turn off your tablet, laptop, and silence your phone. Program your phone to ring through if it is someone like your parent or child calling. Other than that, do not answer. Set aside time to review your calls for important messages at an agreed upon time and limited time. Unless your office explodes, they can manage without you for a few days and if it does explode, you can’t help them anyway.

Take the time to fall in love all over again. It is easier than you think and you will return to your life stronger than ever as a couple.


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